Post your links here

Send me the links of the files from that you want me to download. Post the links in the comments below. This is only available up to March 9 or 10, 2010 because I only have the 3 days premium. Please if you want to thank me, sign up here then view advertisements after signing up.

Just check back again later after posting your links then I'll post a link where you can get your files. My replies will appear in the comments below.

Note: For those people who are trying to download their own files this will not work for you since premium downloads are not counted- they will become bad downloads in your account instead.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm counting on you. hope you really help me on this. :]

Anonymous said... - thank you. this is a nice opportunity for people who can't download on such site. :D

aznkid618 said...

can u download it for me plzz

Anonymous said...

wait after you download then how would you give it to us?

Anonymous said...

thanks. but how will you give the files to us?

Your Blogger said...

to aznkid618 here

to Anonymous here .Be careful w/ that file, it's a virus.

to Anonymous here

to Anonymous here